Ride & Stop – A Pleasant Encounter

This occurred during the October 18th Ride & Stop.

Ride & Stop October 18th

This picture was taken from the back seat of Ben’s car while at a man’s home thought to be one of the members on the list. Turns out he was a Republican retired from the military. He was kind to Ben and Jeff, though. He even directed us next door to the member’s home we were looking for.

So, when we go out canvassing, let us not leave the “wrong person” empty handed. Who knows? We may persuade that one Someone to help turn our state BLUE!!

Post and Photo by Yolanda T. Brown
VP Regular Ed Bus Drivers
TWU Local 239

Our First Ride & Stop

The TWU Georgia State conference, members and volunteers, held its Ride&Stop on Saturday, October 11th. We paired up into four Teams to canvass Union members throughout the area. The 429 members of Locals 279, 239, and 527 who live in the Augusta Richmond County Area, Columbia and Burke counties, and southern South Carolina are spread out over 306.5 square miles.

Ride and Stop 2014
Jeff and Ben


October Conference Meeting

The TWU Georgia State Conference held a meeting for member Locals on October 11, 2014. Locals 527, 279, 239, 556, and 526 were represented. Also present were Terry Daniels, COPE director, and Andrew Rangolan, DLAA.

Terry Daniels



The prominent question for any organization is how to get more members to participate. Terry Daniels  encouraged the group to continue on despite lack of involvement. Often, members are slow to come around. Perseverance and utilization of available resources may well see increased participation by non-involved members in the future.




Andrew Rangolan


TWU Ride and Stop Training was conducted by Andrew Rangolan, DLPA. Ride and Stop teams were formed.After the meeting, the teams went out to specified locations for the purpose of reaching out to our members to encourage them to vote.






Photos by Barbara Allen and Caroneta Williams.

We Must Vote

There have been few times in history where it was more imperative that Americans stand up and be counted, to assert their power and protect their rights. TWU has produced a video that reminds us that the power is in our hands. Lest we forget, WE MUST VOTE.

Meeting and “Ride & Stop”

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This is a reminder for our meeting Saturday October 11, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. On the agenda will be a review of our GOTV campaign and possible update/ refresher training.

Additionally, we will conduct our version of a neighbor walk planned on October 4th as a “Ride & Stop” right after this meeting at 12:00 p.m. Please invite your volunteers to join us at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday.

TWU Locals Hold Open Meeting

GOTV 2014

Last night, TWU Locals 239 and 279 held an open membership meeting. Hosted by 279, guest speakers included Terry Daniels, TWU COPE National Director, and Rep Earnest G. Smith, Dem, GA District 125. The focus of the meeting was ways to Get Out The Vote for upcoming elections and recruiting volunteers.

Earnest Smith
State Representative Earnest Smith, Democrat, District 125

Getting the Vote Out

GOTV 2014 banner

The TWU Georgia State Conference is actively working to Get Out The Vote for 2014.

Benyoel Morgan, chairman of the TWU GA State Conference, attended the Augusta Federation of Trades Central Labor Council meeting as part of the Get Out the Vote Campaign 2014. The Council provided yard signs for Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter, and John Barrows to attendees. Signs will be distributed throughout the community.

GA Democratic Candidates yard signs