Leveling the Paying Field

Fair Compensation for Georgia Education Support Workers

Transport Workers Union of America and the TWU Georgia State Conference is fairCompensationpartnering with local legislators to write and sponsor a bill that would create fair compensation for Georgia Board of Education blue collar support personnel including Bus Drivers, Dispatchers, Monitors, Special Education Aids, Nutrition Workers, Custodians, Maintenance Personnel, and Paraprofessionals to name a just a few of many.

The need for such a bill is both reasonable and powerful. The rationale for the bill we provided to the legislators is listed below.

We are creating this bill because:

  1.  Georgia Board of Education support personnel have not received a cost of living raise for almost ten (10) years. During the last five years they been furloughed and/or suffered cuts in pay while medical premiums rose. During the same period, executive and administrative personnel received pay increases.
  2. Insurance premiums paid by the employees have increased over the last five years without any increase in wages to help cover this increase in cost of living.
  3. Salaried employees are paid during scheduled shutdown periods. Although willing to work, Georgia Board of Education support personnel, salaried workers, have their ability to make a living penalized because of the school system’s built-in/scheduled shutdowns during the year.
  4. A recent vote by the state legislature prevents Georgia Board of Education support personnel from collecting unemployment even during the time (summer and other shutdown periods) they are not working and not being paid.
  5. Support personnel work under a pay system that forces them to wait upwards of a month to be paid. If implemented, the bill would institute a system which would put money earned into employees’ pockets closer to the time it is earned. With less time between work and compensation, employees would be able to better track and verify their earnings. A shorter work to compensation period would also enable pay corrections/adjustments to be made faster.
  6. Employees should be able to look at their pay stub and verify all aspects of their compensation in real time without the use of any other documentation or research.

The reasons listed below are situations many workers take for granted. Who has to worry about seeing how many hours they’ve worked, how much their pay was before taxes, or worry that a broken air conditioner someplace will cut into their paycheck? Why should a job’s stress extend to what should be the simple act of being paid?

The TWU Georgia State Conference is actively pushing the creation of a bill that will support the people who support our children. If you would like to help or have questions, please contact Ben Morgan (706-799-8972) or the president of any of our member locals.