Labor Wins HB 361 Lawsuit

A Victory for Georgia Workers

The following is an email from Mr. Charlie Fleming, President, Georgia AFL-CIO.

We’ve scuffled and scraped, scratched and clawed, bent but didn’t break!!! And finally we can celebrate a VICTORY for Organized Labor in Georgia!!!

We are thrilled to inform Georgia AFL-CIO affiliates that Judge O’Kelley has ruled in our favor in our lawsuit against the State of Georgia for passing House Bill 361 which unlawfully regulated voluntary payroll authorizations, the process of selecting bargaining representatives and provided the State of Georgia with its own regulatory or judicial remedies for conduct arguably protected or prohibited by Federal law.

We began the fight in 2013 and, with your help and support, and the hard work and determination of our attorneys Jim Fagan & Michael Schoenfeld, we can at last claim huge win over those who sought to oppress us!!

This is what can happen when we all work together toward a common goal. Onward to Change!